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HOPE Hemp Extracts

We are pleased to announce our East Coast local brand Carolina's Hope.  Our model is built around local farmers.  We develop products, but also our staff is in the field on a regular basis inspecting the crop, as well as training the farmers to offer you the widest spectrum hemp extract formula.  We take changing lives and communities serious!  We encourage and love your questions!

Maintaining Critical Supply

Our farmers are diversified and produce reliable dependable critical supply for our extracts.  We test regularly and all bottling facilities are food grade facilities.  We find it important, in an industry that is still developing, to operate above par at every level and set an example of the industry you are helping to create.  We offer products grown under the sun outdoors, in greenhouses, and even indoors in the a/c and a completely controlled environment!

Genetics and Organics

We are customers too!  We feel the same way as many of you, we want great genetics NO GMOs and we want ALL ORGANIC!  We are very proud that all of our farmers feel the same way, natural is better all the way from our soil to the cabinet.  We not only develop the products we are also genetics partners with some great guys and gals with pocket protectors and lab coats, but also those guys with the John Deere hats and cowboy boots.  The lab plays a major role in our industry but our natural genetic breeding programs with farmers play just as an important role!  

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We not only offer online sales we also do BULK ordering as well as Business to Business or Wholesale Sales.  Please contact for pricing and more information.

HOPE Hemp Extracts

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